Sunday, September 16, 2007

"Faces Of The Tabernacle" Launches Today

This is the first post on the new "Faces of the Tabernacle" blog, designed to let you put a name to the faces you see at the Coudersport Gospel Tabernacle services. I have been attending the tabernacle for over 5 years and there are so many people I know by their faces but don't have a name to put with them.

I have discussed this with others and with the ministry, and most have confided that there are many people who worship with us that we don't know their name or where they live. I consulted with Terri Batterson, who takes care of our official church website, and we tried to start an online directory to accomplish this purpose. Unfortunately the spammers spoiled it with posts for things that our church was not interested in, and Terri had to discontinue the interactive part of our website.

I will be featuring pictures of our brothers and sisters in Christ and news pertinent to our church activities. While I have posted news from our church on my other blog," Solomon's Words", that blog is designed for general news in the Potter County community. " Faces Of The Tabernacle" will be geared exclusively for the people who attend the Coudersport Gospel Tabernacle.

Comments will be allowed, but subject to moderation, in order to deter spam and inappropriate responses.

If you would like to be pictured, please email your picture and name and address to and I will post it on the blog.

The blog address is HTTP://

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