Friday, April 11, 2008

Jim and Laurie Goetz Write From Liverpool, NY

Brother Jim Goetz found "Faces Of The Tabernacle"
and contacted Cynthia and I. Here is his email address
in case anyone would like to write them. Brother Jim
publishes 2 blogs--Click on the links at the end of this
post if you would like to read them. Find out how
Brother Jim Goetz was saved from witchcraft.

James Goetz---
Brother Jim Goetz writes:

My job is steady and reasonable, and I thank God for
that. We live in three bedroom two full bath
townhouse. Julie, Christi, Jeremy and Josh are getting
great grades.

We go to Family Worship Center in Clay.
And Gospel Tabernacle pastors have a relationship with
Family Worship Center pastors.

In fact, this is the
home church for Rosemary Nelson and Barbara Marang who
are missionaries to Honduras that visit Gospel
Tabernacle now and then.

And in November, my oldest
daughter Julie will join a church team to do a
short-term missions trip to Honduras.

If you want to check my blogs, then click on the links
in my email signature.


Jim Goetz



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