Sunday, May 18, 2008

Pastor Jason Alvarez Sang & Ministered Sunday

Pastor Janet Kreis looks on with admiration as
Pastor Jason Alvarez and his wife Gale ministered
to the Gospel Tabernacle Sunday. Pastor Kreis recently
ministered at the the Alvarez's church in Orange, NJ

Pastor Gale Alvarez spoke to the congregation of the
Gospel Tabernacle about coming to Coudersport to
Convention 16 years ago and fallling in love with the people
here in the Tabernacle. She was accompanied by her
daughter who came here from Romania.

Dr. David Minor Sr. and Pastor Jason Alvarez.
Dr. Minor turned 81 today. Pastor Jason presented
him with a bag of new ties for every day of the week.

Pastor Jason Alvarez, Pasor of the Love Of Jesus
Family Church in Orange, NJ, delivered a stirring
message at the Coudersport Gospel Tabernacle.

And sang for us too.

Pastor Jason spoke to a full house at the Tabernacle Sunday

Pastor Jason said that God loves us even when we make
mistakes, that we need to come to God when we screw up,
and not run from him. God loves us and will forgive us.

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