Saturday, September 20, 2008

Grand Opening Of New Gospel Tabernacle Sanctuary on Friday, September 19, 2008

Pastor Dr. David Minor, Sr., holds a microphone in front
of Sallie Geffer's horn as the music starts on the opening
of the annual Fall Convention at the Tabernacle.

Song leader Steve Minor, leads the singing in the first
service held in the new sanctuary on Friday, Sept 19.

The Coudersport Gospel Tabernacle flag team performs at
the opening of the Annual Fall Convention at the tabernacle.
The flag team has performed at the PA Capitol in Harrisburg.

Sister Lorraine Minor, wife of Dr. David Minor, asks God's
blessing on the new sanctuary and the participants in the
Annual Fall Convention, opening the first service in the new

Pastor Janet Kreis of Coudersport Gospel Tabernacle is
pictured here with Dr. Eldon Wilson and Bishop Anne Gimenez,
who are the keynote speakers for the 2008 Fall Convention.

Pastor Carl Vining of Amazing Grace Ministries of
Montgomery, PA raises his hands in worship and
Coudersport Gospel Tabernacle Youth Pastor John
Minor glances up at the words to the song projected
on the wall at the front of the new sanctuary.

Three ministers from our associated churches in Romania
are attending the Fall Convention at the Coudersport Gospel
Tabernacle this year.

Rev. Maurice Gray from Maine sang for the worshipers at the
opening serviceof the 2008 Annual Fall Convention in
the new sanctuary at the Coudersport Gospel Tabernacle.

Bishop Anne Gimenez, who with her late husband, Bishop
John Gimenez, founded the 4,000 member Rock Church in
Virginia Beach, Virginia, brought an anointed message to the
participants at the opening service of the 2008 Annual Fall
Convention and Grand Opening of the new sanctuary at the
Coudersport Gospel Tabernacle. Services continue at 10:00 am
and 7:00pm on Saturday, and conclude with an 11:00 am
service on Sunday morning.

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