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Be Not Weary In Well Doing

Be Not Weary In Well Doing

From a sermon by Dr David Minor

You've given and given and nothing comes back in return. You've prayed and prayed, but heaven seems like brass. You've shown mercy and kindness, but it seems no one understands you. Have you ever felt weary in well doing?

The scriptures tell us to cast our bread upon the waters; for you shall find it after many days. The Word of God also says let us not be weary in well doing, for in due season, we shall reap if we faint not. You cannot sow, but what you are going to reap. You can not pray for others but what you are going to have others pray for you.

You can not give but what others are going to give to you. You can not show mercy but what you are going to be a recipient of mercy. The tide that carries these things out is the same tide that is going to bring them back in! What you have sent out is going to come back to you. It is an inflexible law of Almighty God that He returns unto you what you have given out. God is just in His doing!

There are laws of nature. I made a mistake and planted some tulips in the summer. I went against a known law. You have to plant tulips in the fall. The tulips I planted never came up. There is a time to plant. If I go out in the fall and plant my tomatoes the frost will kill them. There are laws I must abide by if I want a good garden.

There are laws we must respect in whatever we do. And even so in the natural there are laws in the spirit. Have you ever heard someone complain that nobody loves him? Do you know why? That person does not show forth love, so he doesn't receive it. Have you ever heard someone murmur that everyone talks about him? Thats because that person does too much talking himself. What you sow, you also reap.

If you see a person in a fault, and you cover that person, then God will cover you when you are caught in a fault. But if you go around whispering tales and uncovering the faults or shortcomings of others, then you will be talked about also- because that is what you sowed. If someone comes to you with a tale about a brother or sister in Christ and you say, "Excuse me, I don't listen to tales about the "Body of Christ".

As surely as as someone comes with a tale against you, God will put it in his heart to say, "Wait a minute, I don't want to hear anything about my brother." If you are a kind and generous person and you give unto God, it is the law of God that with the same generosity you have given it, it will come back to you.

Harvest time is coming. In the spring when you pass by a bare field which has been plowed up and cultivated, you don't know what the farmer put in there. But when you come back in the fall and you see corn or wheat or beans or potatoes, you know exactly what he planted. Listen, it's getting around harvest time--so don't get upset when you find out what's growing in people's lives. That is what they have been sowing.

Cast your bread upon the waters. Trust in the laws of God. Show kindness, sow in mercy, give to the work of the Lord. Be generous and be kind to the Body of Christ. Cover the Body of Christ with mercy. The time is going to come when the tide shall turn, and you shall reap what you have sown.

It is a beautiful time when the tide comes back, but if you threw garbage in when the tide went out, don't be surprised if you find garbage on your shore when the tide comes in.
It is a law of God. It is time to clean up the beaches and say, "as of now I'm going to send something good out, while the tide is going out." Don't be weary in well doing. It is a princple of the nature of God that you reap what you have sown.

Haman was pounding the gallows together. He hired carpenters and built a great gallows to hang another, but in the evening sun there was a body that swung from the gallows, and it was the man that built it. The scriptures say, "He that digs a ditch is going to fall in it."

Don't cast away your confidence. Don't be weary in well doing. Don't get discouraged in the way. If the tide is going out, don't lose faith--the tide is going to come back in and when it does, it is going to bring to you what you have sown.

Every prayer you have ever prayed will come back on yur head. Every dollar you have given to the work of the Lord, brother in Christ, will come back to you in blessing. Every mercy that you have shown is going to come back and you will be the recipient because you have sent it out.

Keep on doing good.
Keep walking with Jesus.
Keep on reading the Bible.
Keep on praying for one another.
Keep on giving of your substance, of your love, and of yourself.
Keep on sharing.
Keep a good attitude--because the tide is about to come back!

Be not weary in well doing. It pays to do good! Don't cast away your confidence. The harvest is surely coming!!

Editor's note:
Dr. David Minor has pastored the Coudersport Gospel Tabernacle for 50 years. He is known to have the faith of Moses, the wisdom of Solomon and it is a privilege just to know this man. As a spiritual leader, he is the real thing. His 80 years are a testament to the sincerity of his faith in God.

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