Thursday, February 14, 2008

Pastor Janet Kreis Speaks About Women

Pastor Janet Kreis spoke last Sunday at the Coudersport Gospel Tabernacle about how women have not been treated kindly in churches.

"Women are still not treated kindly in many far off cultures in this world.

In some they are not allowed to even get an education. In other cultures, men are allowed to beat their wives.

Women have not been treated kindly in those places.

References are made in the early bible that women are not allowed to speak in church.

But the early bible also finds nothing wrong with slavery.

Women only earned the right to vote in the US in the last 80 years. Women pastors are only now beginning to be accepted in most churches." Pastor Kreis explained.

Pastor Kreis said " I was hired by Pastor David Minor 33 years ago, before women pastors were even thought of and I've had to take a lot of gaff because of it."

Today women are readily accepted in the US. Pastor Minor was way ahead of his time when he had the foresight to hire Janet Kreis to teach and preach in the Gospel Tabernacle.

Pastor Kreis went on to say that "there are different ways that God manifests himself in our lives. Sometimes it is with power, when people have a spiritual experience that manifests physically but many times it is a manifestation of truth, that is revealed through reading the bible. A sudden understanding that was not there before."

She urged everyone "to take time to read your bible if you want to have these manifestations of truth in your life."

Pastor Janet Kreis is a speaker in demand not only at The Coudersport Gospel Tabernacle, but at churches across the country.

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