Thursday, July 31, 2008

Brother Frank Schaffner Back At Morning Prayer

Brother Frank Schaffner, who started the Coudersport Gospel Tabernacle morning prayers nineteen years ago, returned to morning prayer this morning.

Brother Frank was shopping at Walmart in Olean recently when he fell over a new rack that was being constructed in an aisle.

He was taken to the Olean Hospital by ambulance, suffering from a broken nose, and a broken arm at his left wrist, bruises and lacerations.

Brother Frank, who is an eternal optimist, said his pain is bearable, and although his arm is in a cast, he hopes to be back in church on Sunday. He said he's getting "an awful lot of attention since the accident."

Frank's wife, Vera, nursed a broken hand for months last year, after she was injured in an auto accident. Frank said "I'm glad it was me and not Vera that got hurt."

God bless you, Brother Frank. We love you!!

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